Sunday, March 29, 2015

WEEK OF 3/23/15

Hey everyone!!

So today we got the news my companion elder Luke is getting
transferred. It was very fun being with him I have learned a lot of

Also, Recently I have had a lot of weird but cool opportunities to do
different things this week.

But, first I would like to ask Shane that goes home in a week, don't
get married before I get home!! Jk you can't get hitched!! But get
married in the Phoenix temple.

Okay, so the weirdest thing that has happened this week was during a
service project. It was for a less active and her fiancé who has
cancer, they also just moved in, we were cleaning up the yard with
weeds and throwing stuff away. While we were cleaning, We found a big
fat gross dead cat just chillin. I don't know how he got there but the
Phoenix temperature
didn't help the smell.

Anyways, we got a storm on last Tuesday so every time it rains, many of the
elders in the ward need help with their weeds in their yards; so, since we don't
 have anyone to teach we have been doing a lot of service.

So for Braden I have heard that mine brother has called me for a
airborn challenge at glamis when I get home. It's totally on dude😝

  And Elder Malm spoke at stake conference, I've actually met him he
was at a missionary meeting we had a few weeks ago.
I'm glad to hear my skateboard made it home shipping was 40 dollars
cause I actually sent it from fed ex.
  Love you guys all have a great time in Mexico mom and dad!!

 Love Elder - Kannon

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