Sunday, April 5, 2015

Week of 3/31/2015

Hey fam!!
So first off Shane you have to tell me your new email. That's crazy
Wednesday its a new life!!
Have fun bro!

In your emails I learned that Justine drives now don't be me!! Oh and
check the driver side front tire that thangs always scared me. And
congrats on the baptism of the family in the home ward, you guys
should send me a picture of all of them.

  So after p-day last week on Tuesday some interesting things happened.
We were done saying bye to people with elder Luke (I'll send a picture
of him) it was 9 40pm so we were late, and there was some obvious
commotion. After being passed by 50 plus cop cars and fire trucks and a
helicopter. We were passing through the city in Glendale and they were
all surrounding one house with guns pointed in the whole neighborhood
is blocked off. So we were really late that night cause we had to go
around it all.

  Other than that my new companions name is elder Ashby. Can anyone
recognize the name? He was my MTC companion 8 month ago. Pretty crazy!
But I'm cool with it, he's from Utah but he lived in Wisconsin for a
little before he went on a mission. So that was my week I will send
some videos finally love you all stay safe Shane love you enjoy the
new life!!😜
 Elder Davis

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