Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week of 4/6/2015

Hey family!!!

Thanks for all the pictures it makes me jealous seeing how sick
Puebla is. Sorry you got sick mom!!😞 hope the rest of the trip went
all well I don't even know if you guys are home yet!!

  And also to answer some of dads questions, the most lessons we teach
our just random people on the street or in parking lots of stores.
We have three investagators at the moment and one is kind of flakey and we
haven't heard from the other two in weeks.

  This week has been looking upwards though we had like 4 or 5 referrals.
Not all non members there were some less active refurals too. Referrals
are the best way to get anything done. Out of the five baptisms I've
had they were all contacted by members.

  Other than that, general conference was super good I loved the
preisthood session, M. Russel Ballard. That's also a great talk for
Shane being a RM!!

  Anyways that was the week, love you guys all have fun at grandmas
and grandpas!! Have a safe flight home to.

    elder Kannon Davis

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