Sunday, May 31, 2015

 Hey everyone!!
 This week was crazy for everyone, uncle Dave, Miranda, and according
 to dads email some dude has foot fungus!!. Well I've been praying for
 the Eaglestons and emailed Miranda.

 For me in the land of the cactus it was pretty mellow. It's also the
 coolest may Phoenix has seen in years hasn't hit 100 all week!! which
 is highly unusual apparently.
 With Thomas our investigator from Africa, we were unfortunately not
 able to contact him this last week. We had a different investigator
 named Tom come to church yesterday though. There is a positive to every

 We didn't teach a whole ton last week. And I think that's because
 summer had already started and all the kids are already out of school.

 And, other than all that I went on a exchange (when you switch
 companions for a day) on Saturday with Elder Byington who came out
 with me, we lived in the same apartment for a few months in the
 beginning of our missions. I was with him all day, he one of my
 favorite missionaries he also was converted at 16!!
    Glad to hear you are all doing good tell uncle Dave I love him
 today, and have a wonderful week study for finals!! Love you all!!

Elder Davis

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