Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week of June 1st

Sorry this is getting posted late, our computer was having some issues!

Hey family!!

I loved all your emails, to answer some questions, our investigator
Thomas from Sierra Leon. We are having a very hard time getting in
contact with him hopefully he answers back this week. We have another
kind of progressing investigator in the works.

Funny story with him, he has been a investigator for a very long time
and never progressed and I didn't know that, but we finally got a
lesson set up with him. The point of the lesson was to see if we were
going to drop or keep him. I didnt know that either cause it was my
first week here. My companion thought we should drop him while we were
in the lesson, also didn't know that so at the end of the lesson I
invited him to church. And he came!!

So ever since he came, he has wanted us to come back. he said he felt
the spirit there and I think if he didn't have to work 60 hours a week
he would have been baptized by now.

Other than that, last Tuesday was a funny day, we were knocking on some
inactive a doors in the area and we saw a group of young teenagers
probably 8, that just got out of school for the year. They were
walking around and looked like they wanted to talk to us. So we went
up and talked to them, and turns our they are part of a local bible
based church. So what they do is, study about how they believe Mormons are false.
(not sure why a church would spend their time trying to prove another church is false,
it seems more important to just focus on building their church) 

Their study guide is called "Mormonism the impossible gospel"
Lucky for us we know that the church is true! We have no doubt!!!!
The truth was obvious to us, and we  could have argued with them,  but contention is
evil. We were there for about an hour then left for more important

Other than that last night it got down to 91 degrees when we were
driving home last night!! Had our windows down faces our just loving
it. Then we got a little to cold!!😁❄️. Anyways a question for Shane
or mom, is there some kind of auto classes at BYU I?? Just a thought.
And for dad, Pdays we shop clean and hang out with this family the
Johnsons, they have boys are age and their cool.

  And for referrals there is this croup or RMs from Idaho going door to
door selling pest stuff and some of them kill with giving referrals for
us their awesome.
Love you all stay safe!!! Talk to you Monday!!

Kannon davis

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