Sunday, June 21, 2015

Week of June 16

Hello family!!

Yesterday we were helping some people move into a new house. And we
got a transfer text, me and my companions names were on it! I was here
for only 6 weeks and now we're getting doubled out.

So I didn't see that coming at all, but tomorrow I will be in my
fourth area wherever that is. I won't be able to write to much today
cause I have to pack up again then have pday.

So I'll say some experiences this week that were pretty bold and
strengthened my testimony. We were in a trailer park walking cause
it's easy to find people to teach there, when we helped some guy carry
stuff from his car. When we finished he said do you want to read the
bible real quick??

  Me and my companion already knew what that meant but we said sure,
so the chubby man gets his bible and says how can you become gods in
Isaiah it say this!! I don't know how I get so lucky in under 1 year
I've had to bash with like 7 or 8 people now.

We study for 3 hours every morning before we begin proselyting every
day. I'm not even that smart but the hours of study add up to 900
hours so by default anyone who tries to bash with a missionary is
bound to fail.

So that what happened and the most important thing I've learned is to
testify no one can argue with a testimony.

  But any ways I'm hoping to be back on a bike get my 2 pack back
haha. We just got a call from the mission president he told my
companion he's going north to the mountains, I'm liking the
temperature a lot I'm never cold it's been up to 114 this last week I
think. It honestly feels the same as 95.

  Love you all hope you recover Braden. And have a great Father's Day
dad!! Love you talk to you pday!!


Elder Kannon

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