Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week of June 22nd

Hello everyone I have news.

My last area in west Marricopa got replaced by sisters. We call it white washed.
I'm now in my second area in Peoria, Sahuaro ranch ward. Same ward and
everything. My new companion is elder Melson from awlabayama, it's
really Alabama but he is south and very accented.

He has been out for 9 months and I replaced him in west Marricopa and
he replaced me so it's funny but we get along pretty good and everyone
loves his accent.

Other than that we didn't teach any investigators. This week just some
inactive lady that's returning after 15 years of not going to church.
Her grand daughter was baptized a week ago. She 8 years old and asked
her grandma at the baptism why she didn't go to church. So she went
last Sunday.

  Last night was a very eventful night we had nothing planned at all
just going to people's doors but we ended up street contacting a lot of
people. And we got into a lot of conversations and it started to get
late and we were going in when some crazy big guy started yelling help
help I'm going to die!!! really loud. He was lying on the side walk
foaming at the mouth kind of looked like a bubble bath coming out of
his face.

  He was dehydrated and hallucinating so we gave him water he pretty
much inhaled my 2 letter camel back. Then he was still sick and and
said someone wanted to stab him so we got the fire department to come
and we left so we were in a little later that night.

  I hope you had a great Father's Day dad and let me know if my letter
made it home. Love you drink water it's hot!!
  Kannon davis, brr!

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