Sunday, July 5, 2015

Week of June 29th

Hey everyone

Thanks for your emails and to mom yes it is still hot here. Not like
last week but little toasty.

On last Tuesday we had service at a less active family's house named
the Miya's, their one of my favorite families. They have a boy who's 5
and a 7 year old girl. The dad isn't a member but he has lung cancer
and he's only in his 30'.

While we were doing service moving rocks in a wheel barrow, it was hot
so the kids jumped in and we went throu the sprinklers and off jumps
for like 40 minutes. I couldn't move my arms after that but had a
great time. I'll send some pictures of that soon.

We finally had a lesson with an investagator named chino, it was my
first Time meeting him. It went ok he grew up without parents so he's
uneducated and he doesn't really believe Christ is real, so we will
see how far we get.

So this is cool, The other night we had a dust storm (haboob) were
going into the Monsoon  season in late summer when it gets stormy.
Somehow I ended up with a flat tire, so my comp. carried my side bag
and I jogged with my bike next to me. It was about 2 miles so I needed
it little exercise.

Hope all had a great week with sleep overs, EFY, and Shane with
confused women in Idaho.
  Love you all talk to you Monday!

  Kannon davis

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