Sunday, September 27, 2015

week of Sept.14

Hey family!!

This week was fantastic, to tell you the whole story for a couple
years there has been a lady named Sister H who works at a
facility group home thing with teen aged girls that need help. And
there are a lot of them that have been really interested in the church
for a while and go to church every week, but for a lot of reasons and
legal stuff we haven't been able to teach any.

But, finally we got permission to teach them,
We taught them yesterday there were seven and every one seemed super
interested and listened really well. And there is a mother and son who
came to church last week randomly just to see what it was like. We are
going to teach them this week as well. Their both awesome and already
made a lot of friends in the ward.

And that was all followed up by a thunder storm which we watched from
the roof of the house. Oh, and my new companions name is Elder Sumsion,
I got a new companion again.

He has been out for 16 months, from Portland Oregon area, he's white,
and he loves to lift.

I haven't had a companion for more than a transfer since I was with
Elder Hernandez, like a year ago!! I have learned what kind of
personalities I like I think, so maybe this will help me with marriage someday.

  I very devastated about Veronica she was a fun happy person sad to
see her go. Make sure to send me pictures of the dance fundraiser.
  My Trainer sent me a picture of him and Shane that was cool your in
the same ward to!! (Shane and Kannon's first trainer are in the same ward in Idah) Kannon and his trainer got along great!

AND HAPPY BDAY JTEEN BUTTER BEAN. I got to head out love you all!!!
Have a good week.

Elder Davis

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