Sunday, September 27, 2015

Week of September 21

Hey everyone, loved your stories about the car ride back from bishop.
What car was it?? It's nice of Daryl to help you all out.

This week wasn't as good as last week for us it seems like every
appointment we had this whole last week canceled. But there all
scheduled for this week so I'm excited for that.

We also weren't able to teach the girls from the help center thing
for troubled girls. But tonight we are teaching two of our
investagators. This last week we did a ton of bike riding, I never
would of thought I would get a companion that likes biking.

We have a car we just can't use it all the time cause we have limited
miles. Elder Sumsion (my comp.) actually started his mission in this
area but only covered one ward. We have two wards and he covered one of
them in the past. I thought it was just boring city's, neighborhoods,
and ugly stucco houses that are all the same.

But he showed me a place they used to call Jurassic park!! it
this really hidden secret community of people that don't have any
restrictions, HOA rules which are rules so people can't have cool
plants and anything else that's not normal in there yard.

In Jurassic park people are living the dream!! they ride horses, dirt
bikes, quads, and rhinos everywhere they go!! So we have been a few
times and met the narly people there. I took a video of me feeding a
awesome horse there.

Other than that we had a mission conference with two members of the
70 Elder foster and Elder Montoya. They had amazing talks and stuff to
say to us. He told us how short missions actually are, and he asked us
to think about our last prayer as a missionary and think if we're
going to feel like we did well. Kind of scary to think.

  Well love you all miss you hope you had great birthday j!!, congrats
on the win b and the dance fundraiser mom. Keep meeting girls Shane
and dad I hope you Volks wagon isn't gone. Love you

    - Kannon davis

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