Sunday, December 6, 2015


Hey family,
So I'm not getting transferred somewhere else. And neither is elder Sumsion. It's been good we get along well I haven't had a companion for more than a transfer since elder Hernandez. I'm pretty happy to stay here we have a great gym😍, I'm still on a bike😀, we get fed pretty well, and I had a decent mattress. Although I'm not in Glendale any more there was a lot of crazy stuff that happened there. Surprise is middle class and mostly white people. Middle/ upper class people don't accept the gospel as much. But we are teaching L and her husband, and soon a new investigator named Mr. c, he's a big, black guy and a referral from someone else. He was Verry interested!!

Christmas season always brings the Christmas spirit and people start listening to us a little more. We've been Sharing the new Christmas video the church came out with "a savior is born"it's pretty cool. we've also invited people to the Mesa temple Christmas lights.  It's cool, because even though it is about 2 hours away, Everyone has heard about it or has gone and walked around sometime in the past. We will probably get to go with our investigators too.

Other than that I went with Elder Melsen for a day last week that was really fun he's grown a lot since I was with him.
I almost forgot to talk about Thanksgiving, we woke up and all the elders from the zone came over to our house and played pool with us and ping-pong. Of course, I won. We did that until I run headed up for the dinner is about 2 o'clock ever need their dinners and then after we all gathered up at the church and play church ball. Which is just really aggressive basketball.

It's sad to hear that the exhaust fell off of the Suzuki but I wish you guys all had a great Thanksgiving and I had fun and also kept the tradition going at the campfire I love that video, thank you. 
    Tell tanner and Emily I said hi you should tell them to email me!  have a great week love you all and also thanks to President Andrews for his letters have a great week

  Kannon Davis

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