Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week of December 8th

Hey everyone.
Thank for all your happy birthdays, I'm gunna open the stuff first hing tomorrow can't wait.!!

Well this week we got our Christmas lights all set up at our house and started passing out our Christmas cards. This season will be great, we were also going to go to Mesa Temple lights tomorrow night with J and her husband who is a member and J has been investigating for a long time. She has never been to a temple, and she is excited.

We had another short lesson with our other investigator L and her husband also; we saw the Christmas devotional at their house. They both really love president Uchtdorf. Then their pet bunny died while we were there!! the poor bunny was like a trillion years old and had seizures every couple minutes. I felt bad Lisa started crying. (Oh well I would of ate it before it got skinny.)

Being here in surprise, I have been noticing something that has to do with missionary work with a lot of people, and its why in more humble places it different. People have a high paying job and a lot of kids, and a lot of kids doing sports and school and that only a part of most Mormon people's life. Now we all have church callings and were always
leading different quorums and activities. And we're all trying to become better people, but some where in the huddle of responsibilities missionary work is no longer a priority; if it happens great, there is a missionary opportunity. But, that doesn't happen often enough at all, in order for missionary's to be busy the ward needs to make it a priority before they worry about them selves and how there lives are going be. The worlds getting worse which means the second coming is
probably around the corner, which also means the gospel needs to be preached to all the world, which also means we all need to do better and worry about others before our selves.
  I've been guilty of it my whole life but that's all changing I'm 20 now!!! That means I'm responsible by default. (haha) 

love you all, thanks for the videos and emails!! loved em all the video of John was funny! 
love you all!!
  Elder Kannonballs

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