Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week of December 21st -pictures coming soon

Hey everyone!!
So I probably won't write to much cause of I'm going to skype you all on Christmas and I'm Kannon still so I don't write a lot anyways. 
  This week we went back to the Mesa Temple with a few of the zones in the mission and went through for a session. Oh, and by the way what time do you want to skype I can do it any time from 10-4. 11 works best but it's whatever.....

This week to start off we had some interesting food, called balute I showed you the video but eventually I kind of through it up kinda gross.

We haven't been in contact with bj commons our new investigator but we
haven't tried as hard as we should of we can get in contact with him no problem this week. Today we had a cool zone activity were we all wore ugly sweaters and messed around. And that's all I can reveal Intel
Christmas Day on skype, btw I'm gunna work on the pass port thing I thought you guys had it in the box with everyone else's if not by next week I have it in one of the black boxes zip tied.
  Love you all have a great Christmas. It's always gunna be the best
time of the year love you all have a good time.
    Kannon Davis

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