Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week of December 28

Hey family glad to hear everyone had a great Christmas, as you knew, I was sick but today I'm better finally another Elder I live with got the same thing pretty much, so for most of the time we just chilled and slept at home I've never slept so much In my life. But it was never too bad or miserable it's nice to get over it though.

Christmas morning we ate breakfast at our ward mission leaders house he smoked ham and made tamales. So it was great cause I didn't miss out on grandmas tamales. And it was great to see the videos of the Davis Dynasty on Christmas Eve. 

We went out on Saturday afternoon and visited some people. Then I was in again yesterday recovering, now I feel pretty good.

By the way happy 24th anniversary mom and dad!! that's nuts!
congratulations. And have fun at Glamis take some pictures at the
drags for me usually Braden's got the hook up there thanks bro.

  Can't wait for New Years I'm going write out my goals and send a
letter to you all. Love you guys sorry I don't have much to write
about but this coming week should be great with another family
investigating in the gospel. We have a lesson with some new people on
New Year's Eve night. Stay safe have fun 
much love from 

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