Sunday, January 24, 2016

First week in "the slope"

So far it's been great here, I said my last goodbyes to surprise, Elder
Sumsion and Doug Perez. Now I'm with Elder Hawkins in North Phoenix. The ward we are in is called north mountain. We live in the middle of a small mountain. By "mountain" in Arizona it means a couple hundred feet tall.
Above us to the north is in our ward and its some filthy rich people
on a hill with million dollar homes looking over Phoenix, bellow us is were most of our ward is, it is called the "slope" I don't know exactly why but it's Phoenix pretty much.

Some parts are the most poorest places I have ever seen in my life.
So we get best of both worlds here. Yesterday was the first time in
months and maybe more, that any missionary's have ever biked to the rich people who are on the mountain because they we scared of the road.  Elder Hawkins and I went for a day to pros-lite and see what it was like up there. There were a lot of hills and they were beyond steep but we made it. Later that night we felt we should head back home we had just started when I got a flat tire about 6-7 miles away from home! We were able to get hold of a member that night luckily.

  So far it has been a eventful week earlier on when I got here on my second day I think it was, we stopped by to visit a referral that salt lake sent to us in a nursing home. It was a huge run down and super smelly place. We were heading back out to our bikes and helped some lady, she was carrying a bunch of chairs on a rolly thingy.
  She worked there and took us to the 5th floor, which we shortly found out was the memory loss and memory pst and whatever memory problems there are. Those were the weirdest and most hallarious times ever. We kept hearing super weird random yells for HELP!! And who are you!!
Take me back!!!!! And old people walking around in undies. I was sort of glad to leave there. It felt like a zombie apocalypse.

Other than that we have 3 people on date for baptism. As I get to
know them more I will tell you about them and same with the members.
  It's been a great experience so far this week it's sad to see so
many homeless people and young families dirt poor. Over all I'm
enjoying it, and I'm still on a bike! we moved into new apartments recently so things are super clean.

  Love you all keep the missionary work going over in running springs, it sounds like it has picked us recently. Have a great week!!
Elder Kannon Davis

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