Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Area! New Address

Week of 1/11/15

New Address:

Elder Kannon Davis
11001 North 7th Street 1175
Phoenix, AZ 85202

Hey family so this morning we got the text. so I'm leaving surprise.
I was sort of bummed cause it's just started to pick up a little
recently, but, I'm excited for something new, I've been here for 6

So this week was great with meeting new people. We were riding around
and met this guy named Rafael, he's from Southern California and his
mom is from Guadalajara Mexico. We said hi to him and talked to him
on the side of the road real quick. We ended up coming back the next
day for a lesson and dropped off the Book of Mormon. To our surprise
he new quite a bit about it cause he was in prison and had a lot of
time on his hands to read it.

He smokes and drinks a lot and he asked us what he can and can't do
if he were a Mormon. He loved everything we told him though, and wants to
keep meeting with us to try to quit drugs and stuff. I had a feeling
that we would teach him when I saw him walking down the street so
hopefully he will go through with everything.

  I was able to have a last lesson with some of the investigators I
liked I will miss a ton of people in the area. Then on Saturday was
the best day of the week, everyone was super nice to us and wanted to
talk to us, but now it's all in surprise.

  So to answer some of dad's questions about the Holy Ghost, I think
talking to Rafael is one time that I recognized having a feeling to talk to
him. And seeing gods hands it was a great week to leave on. So I feel
satisfied I worked hard here.

  Its good to here your all safe from the crazy lady at snow valley. (a lady at snow valley last week shot of a gun in the air while Justine was working, and Braden was snowboarding)
And having a good time at the slopes, and if you see Kyle again tell
him I said hi. He was a good friend back in high school I miss him and
the klan. He was in the klan since elementary we got kicked out of
class a lot and developed the skill of hacky sacking!!

Love you all I will email you when I get to the new place wherever it is.
Elder  Kannon Davis

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