Sunday, March 13, 2016

Week of March 7th

Hey family!!

To start off the week, all the district leader missionaries had a
couple meetings preparing for a mission tour with Elder Arnold of the seventy is coming to visit us and then to stake conference. He's probably going to the Redlands mission too. That's what a lot of the general authorities do, go mission to mission. Funny thing is there I'm like one mission away!

  But anyways, I was on exchanges on a car for a few days I was driving and I got the zone leaders pick up truck!! It was awesome until we got back. I'll tell you why: A few months ago the mission got tracking devises to monitor where we go how fast we drive and how aggressively we turn. I've been
on a bike, so I forgot about these tracking devise. Anyways, I ended up getting several warnings by 2 o'clock in the afternoon!! From that, I'm guessing the president is going to have me stay on bike for the rest of my mission, which is fine with me!

  On the other days we've been pretty lucky this week it seemed like a lot of people we visited or talked to wanted us to come back. One night, kind of late, we asked two ladies talking on there patio and they seemed nice so we asked them were Peoria street was just a random question to get to talk to them and have a conversation. It almost
always works. So we end up sitting down with them an talking for a while and told them all about what we do on missions and Joseph smith, and Tuesday were going fix up there yard for em.
  The next night on Wednesday another missionary in the zone who was in this ward, gave us a referral and we stop by he wasn't home yet but his neighbors were playing soccer there, and there were a couple little kids so we took them on after a while the referral got there, he's a tall skinny guy from long beach taught him, so, that two new people this week.

 Other than that, we helped two families move along with some other random family. I've been getting pretty ripped two of the people where on a third floor apartment. (haha)

  Glad to hear your all doing well I have some videos that's about it I didn't take any picture love you!!

Elder Kannon Davis

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