Sunday, April 3, 2016

March 14th

Hello family 

Hope you are all getting better it's kind of gross you were all sick. 

This week was good and super busy, we had a lot of service from moving like always, to pulls weeds and oranges for old people. When we move people my new thing is, I always end up doing is packing the truck. I've gotten really good at packing the stuff really tight over the last couple hundred moves I've done. Some call me the super packer and some call me the space cowboy. Last week I think I spoke of a lady named E. But if not, we saw 2 ladies talking on there porch on our way home and we decided to ask them where 5th street was we weren't really looking for it but we talked to the and found out they were sisters. They lived across the street from each other, they hang out and drink tequila every night. So there close haha.

 We ended up teaching them and this last week we came back for service pulling here weeds. She made us burritos too!! This week we helped a part member family take oranges off there tree now we have over 10 gallons in our appt. which is a tenth of what we pulled. We then had the mother in the home who was the member talk to her neighbors with orange trees and ask if we could help out random people with their oranges and us and hers have enough people on that street to have the hole zone come and help random people on this Tuesday. The oranges here are good.

  Thursday we had a cool mission tour with Elder Arnold in the quorum of the seventy, he was super funny and super serious so he was somewhat scary. But we learned a lot. Then that night we met all sorts of people. We got a call from a random number and he said it's ok you don't have to come and give a blessing she passed away. 
And then the guy hung up. We were super confused but when we got home then we got a email and it was a Media referral which is when someone goes and sends a email to salt lake and they send it to us. It said he needed help giving his wife a blessing cause she fell down the stairs and she was older so we went anyways to see the guy and have him a blessing his wife was pretty messed up we didn't know either of them that pretty sad. and that was our week. 
   Love you happy birthday this Wednesday to Shane big 22 what It do!!!!

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