Sunday, April 3, 2016

March 21st

Hey family

 thanks for you emails hope you had fun up in mammoth lakes.
It looked beautiful and there was snow on the ground!! Snow is a
foreign concept to me right now. Our ac started turning on this week
which means it's over 78 all day and intell midnight.

This week I'm glad to say was awesome and we met new people last night
one who aren't members and have grandkids out on missions. They had a
super cute dog, we call it dog contacting it usually doesn't work.
It's funny when we start petting their dog we start talking to the
people and they'll give fun excuses like oh sorry it's take I get this
dog some food but sometimes it works good. Either way you get to pet
dogs so it's a win!!

As we kept heading up the hill to our apartments and met a African guy
named K. He was originally from Nigeria but mostly grew up in
Detroit. We're teaching him tonight for the first time.

Earlier this week we had our big service activity with the whole zone
of 16 missionaries!! All pulling oranges off of neighbors of one of
our members. It took 4 hours for all of us to pull every orange off of
5 trees and then we juiced them all the next day we juiced for about 5
hours and juiced 34 gallons!!! We gave the juice to all our bishops,
ward mission leaders and other member. We Also brought a five gallon
jug to our zone meeting president griffin was there and we all ate
lunch after, it tasted even better after couple days old turns out it
was starting to ferment. We called it the loose zone meeting👍🏽

On our teaching pool it's getting bigger almost every day I think
there is more Affrican American people than Hispanics which was a surprise for me,
and they seem to be open to the gospel more than anyone else I've met. So
we're blessed there. The mission has been great this is probably my
favorite are. and to mom yes I've been feeling better for over a month
now. I havnt had gluten yet I'm afraid to try still. I'm gunna send
some pictures of the zone activity thanks for everything love you all

Elder Davis

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