Sunday, June 5, 2016

week of May 24

Dear Family,

President told me 3 weeks ago during interviews that I would get
transferred. He's never told me ahead of time. But my allergies were
bad enough and he thought it would be best.

Today he called and said I'm going to Goodyear?? It's just by
surprise my last area it is like a farm Suburb place I think. Not only
that but I'm in a YSA???. Elder Hawkins won't be a district leader
anymore. He is getting another companion with ADHD. His companion
before me had it, I had and now his new comp. he's getting has it.!!
That's gunna add up to almost 8 months with ADHD companions. Poor guy
I joke, It's preparing him for a wife with severe ADHD. Haha.
My new companion is Elder Peterson, I don't know him other than he's
smart not that tall and has brown hair. I'm pretty sure his hair is
brown it could be black so obviously I don't know him.

This week has been crazy Ynez is engaged that's pretty crazy. I
haven't seen her in like 3 years!! Maybe more I forgot how to do math.
Somewhere round there.

Well this week I finally got my passport!! On the way home we were
driving through Glendale and a dust devil came straight through the
highway from a dirt field nearby. For an instant I thought it was a
tornado it was so big. So weird how those just happen randomly I think
they happen in Goodyear more often I'll try to get a picture next
time. But I've never seen one that big. I peed a little.

  Saturday is my first dog story. I've been chased my dozens of
chihuahuas I'm my days on bike. But this time we were heading to a
lesson and a pit came from someone's yard and I was behind Hawkins so
it came at me. I dint hear it at all until it almost had my leg. I
just turned and took off. Then I realized it was fast but not faster
than me. So I egged it on and kept yelling at it and I stayed in front
a little and it never got me. If I wasn't a missionary I would of gone
back and tranquilized it, that thing was mean.

  Sunday morning I was invited to give a talk. Got to love those, so
without being able to prepare I was the fist speaker. Brother Amos was
conducting he said in front of everybody elder davis is giving a small
talk cause he's getting transferred. And just like that everyone knew.
I found out later elder Hawkins told bishop in secret.

  That's all it's been a weird week and I'm going to a YSA?? I think
president lost some sleep this week haha, love all tell Ynez
congratulations for me. I wonder who's the next davis to get married .
Oh, and thanks for the Easter letter grand ma it came a few weeks ago I
forgot to say thanks thou. Love you all have a good week!!

Elder Davis

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