Sunday, June 5, 2016

Week of May 30th

Hey family!! This weeks been great Elder Petersen is my new companion.
He's super funny. He's from Detroit Michigan, I cover a YSA and a
family ward. Both wards start at 1:00, so I went to the family ward and
elder Petersen went to the YSA ward. Going to church in another new
ward for like the sixth or seventh time gets taxing.

It was hard to be social Sunday morning i woke up pretty sick and I
could hardly talk. Then the asked me to direct the music for
priesthood and relief society combined. Some people laughed at me
because I didn't know how to conduct and no one could hear me sing and
when they did I sounded like a witch being boiled in oil.

This morning I woke up and I had so much mucus draining in the back of
my brain I thought I was going die. So I bought a bunch of orange
juice today hopefully that help me out.

It's been different I'm the driver and we cover all of buckeye and all
of Goodyear. So I drive all day all over farm towns of cows, dirt, and
Cotton fields.
I like the surroundings a lot more than phoenix but it's different,
it's like surprise, there isn't any homeless people to talk to or gang
members. The work as far as I can tell is decent we have a girl
getting baptized pretty soon named T she's like 14.

We live with two other missionaries and our apartment has a sick gym
I'll send a picture of it my comp is the one on the treadmill looking
at the wall. It's good timing get swollen before I go home. Love you
all have a great week happy birthday Braden I don't know why I thought
it was Shane's birthday.

Elder Davis

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