Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week of July 11th

Hello family
This week I was put with elder Shoulz, he is great; but,  I kind of miss elder Petersen, he was awesome. Elder Shoulz likes to tract . I would rather work with members, but I guess everyone is different. He's also the district leader. So it's good he works hard though! so my last transfer I'll work
my butt off.

  So tracting again, we have funny stories. We ran  into a lot of black baptist this last week, they are the coolest people to talk to. And another interesting thing this week, Elder Romney finished his mission and went back to Utah. And there were a ton of missionaries that went home this transfer finishing their missions and we were already low on
missionaries so a lot of wards had to close down this transfer.
  So, we now cover two wards and we satellite 3 other wards. Which means we don't go to church or dinners or proselyte in the other wards. Usually, president sends out a email to the bishops explaining what that means but he didn't do that this time for some reason. So we had members and ward mission leaders calling us all week wondering why we weren't at appointments dinners and meetings and we had to explain to
about 100 members that they don't have missionaries in the ward because the haven't had enough baptisms. Bummer!

So, it's cool, we cover so much ground we can go anywhere in buckeye and now we have 5 wards in Goodyear. We have a  josh  getting baptized on the 30th and we should have a 9 year old girl getting baptized hopefully the week after. So life's been well. 

Love you all
have a awesome week. Sorry I didn't write to much we were playing monopoly with the other Elders and it went really long. Weird right? I can't wait for the last couple weeks it's gunna be great!

Elder Kannon Davis

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