Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week of July 18

Hey family, 

this week I have more time to write, we are in a drive thru right now cause my companion wanted to get a shake and we've been here for like 20 minutes.

So anyhoo, Monday was cool we had dinner with brother Gardner who is in the bishopric. And he super cool he made us stake and he found I'm almost done with my mission (I usually don't tell people) and he started talking about the going home and getting married thing. He kind of freaked me out, but then the night got better when we went to
YSA family home evening 100 mile in the middle of buckeye in a members gravel yard were they all shot huge guns and we watched em. Cause we can't shoot.

Tuesday, we went to Avondale and visited YSA people in trailer parks, it was super ghetto we almost got ambushed by a bunch of pit bulls going to one of the houses.

Wednesday, we had interviews with the president, interesting enough he smiled and said how it going kannon balls!! You go home soon don't you. It was super funny!

Then, on Thursday the temple called the mission president and asked for some missionaries to do  some temple work, so our district went and it was cool. That night we went to teach some unbaptized children in the satellited ward it was great! the kids were super fun, and one of the boys was ten, and liked to skate so we did some tricks outside.  it was a great week. Hearts locked I'm losing some weight btw. 

Love you all,
Elder Kannon Davis

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